Frenquently Asked Questions

I have not a passport, could I change this document to another one like ID card or birth certificate?

Yes, if you do not have a Passport, you can send us the copy of your national identification card. This document will be valid until you send the copy of your passport once you get it.

Where can I find the letter Compliance listed in the documents for application to scholarships?h certificate?

The letter of compliance should be signed by the applicant.

In my University the studies are in English (or half of the instruction is in English), do I have to send the English certificate?

In this case, you need to send to us any official document by your university where is stated that your studies were in English or part of them were in English.

It is the moment to read my thesis, what language should I read it?

The students must agree this point with their local supervisor.

When are contacted my referees?

Your referees are contacted in the case that we need more information about you, for example you have the same points that other students. In this situation we will contact with the referees to know more about the students and their backgrounds.

I have not finished my studies, could I apply to the master?

Students who have not finished their bachelor can apply but they must be sure to get their degree before the beginning of the master.

What is the language of the master?

The official language of the master is English but the institution has the option to choice the language of the lessons because the students have to learn a second European language.

Where can I get more information?

For any doubt you have, you can write us to: